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Fabulous Files

Crystal Nail Files are professional nail care tools that have an outstanding abrasive performance that prevent chipping and peeling. Crystal Nail Files are designed to last a lifetime with a non-eroding surface.



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Fabulous Jewelry

Our Fabulous Jewelry is completely custom designed and no two pieces are truly alike. Each piece, whether ear rings, necklace, or pendants, each piece is unique. Click on the picture above to see examples of our Fabulous Jewelry.



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Purple Miracle

Purple Miracle is truly a cleaning miracle! Whether you are cleaning your Jewelry, eye glasses, computer screen or just about any surface, Purple Miracle can clean your dirt. Don’t fall for the imitation stuff. This is the real deal!


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[testimonial client=”Joanne – Commerce, MI”]I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my nail file I bought at your last show. It does everything you said it would do and more. Thanks, Norene.[/testimonial]

[testimonial client=”Karen – Toledo, OH”]The nail file I bought from you works great and cleans up so easy. I husband even uses it. Let me know when your next show is so I can make sure to get him his own![/testimonial]

[testimonial client=”Jeff – St. Heights, MI”]I just wanted to tell you how well designed and constructed your jewelry is. I gave my wife the ear rings and necklace I bought from you and she loved it. She wears it every day. Thanks. Will be back for more.[/testimonial]



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